POPOYO, POPOYO….. I Could talk about it for hours!

In 2005, I was travelling in Central America with my boyfriend ( Who is now my husband)…We’ve been to Panama, Costa Rica where we’ve heard from Locals and travellers about Popoyo Nicaragua.

At this time no websites or just a few informations on the web…we have to go!

After a long journey we ended up at the beach…we ended up in Paradise!

We’ve been living here full time since 2008 and we still love the place and his laid back atmosphere.

What To Do in Popoyo?

Relax & Enjoy the Beach:

Walk, run or just put your towel on the beach and enjoy your holidays.


Really good surf spots for beginners and experts Surfers walking distance. The Beach Break ( Also known as Santana Beach Break) offers hollow A frame peaks and is only a 7 min walk to the south.

If you go a 10 min north of the beach, you’ll find a long and mellow left point break, perfect for beginners and longboard…Keep walking 10/15 min and you’ll arrive at the famous Popoyo Reef.


Just find your own spot to put your mat and reconnect with the nature & the ocean or join the yoga classes at Mag Rock every morning ( Other places/ hotels offer yoga classes ).

Some Must Do:

-Horse back Riding on the beach with Flavio ( A real cow boy )

-The Hot springs at Las Salinas ( A local SPA)

-A lunch or Dinner at Yolanda’s ( Local restaurant own by a friendly grandma)

-Sunset at Mag Rock.

-Surfing at the Bay.

-Find Playa Rosada.

-Buy some fresh fish or lobster at the fishermen.